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hejiang Zhongcai Profiles Co., LtdZhejiang Zhongcai Profiles Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Zhongcai Profiles Co., Ltd. are important chemical building materials production corporations of Zhongcai Group, specialized in manufacturing wide varieties of profiles. Confronted the fierce market competition, Zhongcai Profiles created an unprecedented development speed and gained remarkable achievement based on the accurate market positioning, outstanding management, reliable product quality and professional marketing services. The product rapidly owns its status in the market. And the scale, output, sales of the corporation all step into the top three in the same line.

We profoundly know that a sustainable development enterprise should provide customers what they need. So we have prepared six varieties of profiles with over one hundred specifications for the clients. We possess high-efficient manufacture equipments providing cheap and high-quality products for customers. We boast a staff of over one hundred talented technicians who are engaged in equipment, molding, workmanship and research and development ensuring stable quality and further development of our products. We build production base phase by phase to meeting the demand of the hot market. We purposefully construct a trinity system of service which comprises market management office, sales and service office and authorized distributors. Our goal is: “Wherever you are, you can enjoy our services if you need; every product we sold is the carriers that we served; all your rational idea can become the language that we tried to express.

Tears are useless in the market, and competition depends on the strength. The ability to meeting the customers' demand and the customer satisfaction are the source of our competitiveness. We will make great efforts to perfect the management and guarantee excellent quality as well as services through our practical style of work and make new contributions to the plastic industry.


Предлагают в Харькове металлопластиковые окна Zhongcai
AdviceOKг. Харьков, Вьезд Тринклера 5 оф. 11717-97-73, 755-83-87, 756-71-40
  тел. +8 (067)711 51 91
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